Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Exercise to lose weight

For every pound you want to lose, you have to cut back 3500 calories or expend 3500 calories worth of energy above your normal activity. Exercising is the answer. You can lose weight minus the deprivation and research has proven those who exercised peeled an average of six pounds a year. You’ll have extra energy and be much stronger besides becoming healthier mentally and physically. Lastly, you will like your body more. Exercising no doubt improves the self-image because of your better body physique.

Easy Exercise Secrets

* Keep your butt buffed by doing lunges. Hold 5-8 pound weights in each hand, step forward with your right foot, bend at waist, and touch the ground in front of you with the weights. Now step back, straighten up and repeat using the left foot. Try to 10 lunges on each leg.
* Do you want to maximize your ab moves? Well, slow down your crunches especially in the lifting phase. By slowing down you’ll work the muscles harder.
* Walk the mall for three hours while shopping for gifts and you’ll burn 427 calories plus make your recipients very happy.
* Do a tummy toner at your desk. Sit up straight, place your left forearm on the desk and stack your right forearm on top it. Take a nice deep breath and slowly push down into the desk for 5 seconds. Switch to other arm. Do 10 reps each
* Ride a bike leisurely for 10 minutes and you burn 60 calories. Play tennis for 1 hour and loose 366 calories.
* Try this great thigh toner. While sitting in chair, lift left knee until thigh is off seat. Press left foot up to straighten leg as much as you can, then lower foot slightly. Do seven reps each leg.
* Sculpt your biceps instantly. Place palm of hands on a wall with arms straighten out, push in slowly and with resistance then push back. Do this 15 times.
* Get a littler waist by doing 60 seconds of crunches with legs in the air while raising opposite shoulder and elbow to knee.

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