Saturday, June 30, 2007

Help Others Help Themselves

Tragically, Rwanda is best known for the horrific genocide that occurred in 1994. Nearly a million people, or about 10% of Rwanda's population, were killed. Refugees have flocked back to land and families are struggling to make a living. Females represent 70% of Rwanda's population since so many men had been killed.

Thanks to Willa Shalit, founder of the Rwanda Path to Peace Project because she convinced Macy’s that traditional baskets made by Rwanda’s inspired women could help bring prosperity to a land overwhelmed by genocide over a decade ago.

Each of these peace baskets is woven with ancient techniques in materials such as banana leaves and papyrus. All have vibrant colors and patterns with Rwanda motifs and sell exclusively at Macy’s. Please realize that proceeds from the sales help these Rwandan women provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care for their families. As of now over 2000 more woman are being trained in production and business skills to further their business.

Your purchase supports Rwandan women weavers and their families. The sale of these beautiful, handmade baskets plays an important role in Rwanda's evolution.

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