Sunday, May 20, 2007

No More Electric Bill - Welcome to Solar Energy

Gain Independence from your Utility Company. Imagine your electric bill being as low as your cable bill. You could also be eligible for generous government rebates when you decide to convert to solar. When your system generates more electricity than you’re consuming, your utility meter will actually spin backwards. You accrue credit with your utility company at the same rate they are charging you. This allows you to reduce your electric bill and drive it toward zero. By using solar power, you can also reduce the amount of electricity you have to buy. Once the equipment has been installed, the electricity generated is free! In addition, PV panels typically have a long life and with no moving parts, they require minimal maintenance. Check out Solar Home for hundreds of different solar products and for sales up to 70% off retail value.

Sunlight Can Make Your Meter Spin Backwards. Sunlight is a renewable energy source and the conversion of sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic (PV) panels is an environmentally friendly process. It is one that is silent and produces no greenhouse gas emissions or other polluting by-products. You are actually helping the environment! Generating electricity from solar energy reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, which decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emission. By switching to solar power, you will combat global warming and reduce our nation’s dependence of foreign energy sources. Even a small solar electric system has a significant environmental impact.

The underlying advantage of solar energy is that the fuel is free, abundant and inexhaustible. Did you ever leave a hose spread out on your ground in the summer and then hours later squirted it only to find out that the water is very hot? This is the same concept of how solar energy works. With solar hot water you can expect to reduce your household hot water bills by more than 65%. Solar Home offers great deals on solar hot water heaters and a huge variety of other solar products. GO NATURAL!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Natural Gardening Tips

There are natural ways to keep your garden looking green and healthy. Maintaining your garden by lightly saturating it daily with water and using your compost soil will dramatically perk up the growth in your plants. The premium time to water your garden is in the early morning, so rise and shine! And for all those who can’t stand reeling in the hose, here is something for you. This product is the best and revolutionary for the gardener! It’s called the NO-CRANK™ hose.

The NO-CRANK™ hose reels are the only brand to offer hands-free rewinding functionality. NO batteries, nor electricity or springs! It’s available in many designs and can stand free or is mounted to a wall. The NO-CRANK™ hose reduces one of the most stressful parts of maintaining your lawn and garden. The power of water pressure rewinds the hose so you don’t have to! A must have for those who use their hose frequently. Check out the 30-second demo of the NO-CRANK™ hose reel.

Self Rewinding Hose Reels

Here are some extra natural garden tips

*Mulch your flower beds and trees because it conserves water, adds humus and nutrients and discourages weed growth
*Plant trees, for they add value as they grow by saving energy and money. Trees will shade your home in the summer and let the sun shine in for warmth during the winter.
*The best compost is made up from leaves, kitchen waste and grass clippings. It also improves soil structure, texture and it’s water-holding capacity.
*Think biodiversity when planting. Using many different kinds of plants encourages many different kinds of beneficial insects to take up residence in your yard.
*If you got weeds kill them naturally by spraying full strength household vinegar at those nasty weeds on a sunny day.
*Plant a circle of sunflower seeds around your compost pile. Soon your compost pile will be hidden with beautiful healthy sunflowers.
*Did you know that the soil ph determines the flower color in garden hydrangeas? In acid soil, pink and red garden hydrangeas turn blue or purple. In alkaline soil blue hydrangeas turn pink.
*Don’t throw out old milk, just add water to fill carton and pour on your rose bushes base, they love and thrive on the diluted milk.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Overweight Kids

Overweight kids

Nearly one in four children are overweight in the U.S. If your child is one of them, it’s time to do something about it. Now you can get your child’s weight on track and build their self-esteem.

The PariPlan gives solid steps you can use TODAY to control your child's
weight and build their self-esteem.

Here's what you get:
PariPlan includes:
Tools: Overweight Tester, Calorie Calculator, Healthy Alternative
Calculator, Shopping List Builder, and Calorie Database
Printable Activity Sheets, Tons of Menu Ideas, Shopping Lists,
Action Plans and more

Besides the PariPlan there are other ways you can assist your child in weight loss naturally and effectively.

Here are some examples:
· Reduce their time playing video games and watching television, which are both sedentary activities.
· Be active with your child whether it be bicycling, walking, bowling or a hike in the park.
· You be the role model by eating healthy foods and limiting unhealthy snacks in the house.
· Try to limit your eating out habits and make more nutritious meals at home.
· Give them healthy snacks like frozen yogurt, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, dried fruits, nuts, angel food cake topped with strawberries or breads and crackers made with enriched flour and whole grains, served with fruit spread or fat-free cheese

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Natural Ways to Stop Constant and Painful Urination - UTI’S

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's) usually occurs when bacteria enter the opening of the urethra and multiply in the urinary tract. Approximately 8 - 10 million people in the USA develop a UTI each year. Men, women and children develop UTI's. Constant urination with burning and lower backaches are the classic symptoms.

Urinary Track Infections are a nuisance, but you can stop them naturally without the use of antibiotics. Try these simple measures to stop the infection by drinking plenty of water, consume 100% cranberry juice every few hours for a day or so. Cranberry juice disallows bacteria to cling to the cell, which line the urinary tract. It is a great remedy to fight this infection.You can take 300mg natural cranberry tablets 2-3x daily if you can't stomach cranberry juice. You can also consume at least two capsules three times a day of Echinacea. Increase the intake of vitamin C because Vitamin C prevents the bacterial growth due to the acidic environment created in the bladder and the urinary tract.
Another suggestion is mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of honey and water but do this twice a day. Take warm baths but don’t use bubble baths only use a cup of baking soda. Also limit your intake of coffee, tea and soda. These simple measures are a natural cure and effective way to keep those UTI’s out of your body!
If it is too late and the UTI that invaded your body is more serious, here’s a safe and natural way to rid the germs. UTI-Clear will stop the suffering. There are many natural herbs that are extremely effective in the treatment and prevention of UTI's. Some of these have been used for centuries and many have been subjected to clinical trials that prove their effectiveness.

Native Remedies has developed a unique formula containing a total of seven therapeutic herbs, specially selected to relieve the symptoms of UTI's and promote the health of the urinary system.
UTI-Clear is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well researched, natural, safe and effective.

UTI-Clear for Cystitis, Bladder Infections and UTI
- $ 25.95
Have your antibiotics stopped working? UTI-Clear is a 100% natural, safe and proven, clinically developed herbal remedy that treats, clears and prevents bladder infections, cystitis, and UTIs (urinary tract infections). UTI-Clear is a better solution than antibiotics which, over time, become less effective as you develop a tolerance for them. UTI-Clear is safe for adults and children, is non-addictive and has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Keep Teeth Healthy

It is so important to maintain tooth health. You can do this by seeing a dentist and by implementing great oral hygiene. A beautiful smile gives one such confidence!
There are several ways to keep your teeth clean and you mouth healthy! Always drink water with meals so that the acid and residue from food is washed away as you sip it during mealtime. Add warm water then sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for a whiter healthier smile. See a dentist annually for preventive dental health.

Make sure you consume these foods for healthy teeth:
**Calcium-rich foods, such as low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese.
**Fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins A and C, and for chewing in order to promote healthy gums.
**Tea, which is a good source of fluoride.

Do you have a good dental plan and a dentist you can trust? Dental is not insurance but a dental plan. This can supplement your dental insurance for immense savings and offer substantial discounts for those without dental insurance. With Dental you can save 15-60% on most dental services. The plans start at $79.95 a year and there is a 30-day refund policy. You can choose from over 30 top quality national and regional discount dental plans. There are over 66,000 dental practice locations nationwide. Dental is so easy to use unlike dental insurance. It has no health restrictions, no paperwork and you can use the plan card as many times as you like.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cleanse that Colon

Toxins are the only cause of preventable diseases. Accumulated toxins (e.g. excessive fecal matter in the large intestine) create conditions for germs to breed and permit blood to get poisoned. You can combat this by cleansing your colon and eating healthy. Correcting the fiber shortage in one's diet will help one to achieve normal bowel movements. For the bowels to work properly, a lifelong daily intake of 25-30 grams, or about one ounce of dietary fiber every day is required. Prevention is the key!
Here are some great fiber foods that work the colon naturally
*Dried beans, peas, and other legumes, includes baked beans, kidney beans, split peas, dried limas, garbanzos, pinto beans and black beans.
*Bran cereals
*Dried fruit, topped by figs, apricots and dates
*Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries
*Sweet corn, whether on the cob or cut off in kernels
*Broccoli-very high in fiber!
*Baked potato with the skin (the skin has most of the fiber)
*Plums, pears, and apples
*Raisins and prunes
*Spinach, beet greens, kale, collards, Swiss chard and turnip greens.
Remember; drink plenty of water everyday as well!

Did you know that a clean and flushed colon makes a person feel extremely energetic and positive? Also, the absence of a breeding ground to germs results in a dramatic increase in immunity from any kind of infection. Colon Shield is a great natural product to invest in for your healthy colon.

An unhealthy colon goes far beyond occasional constipation. In fact most folks do not really know what their colon does. Quite simply it is your body's super highway for digesting the food you eat, taking out the nutrients for your body, and disposing of the waste. The digestive system's large intestine (colon) and small intestine are just like the plumbing pipes in your home, which ever so often become backed up. When that happens you go to the store and buy a specialized product to unclog them. Your colon is no different, when it’s clogged it needs special help. Colon Shield is the natural answer.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Caring For Pets Naturally

According to pet expert and author CJ Puotinen, most holistic veterinarians and animal health care professions list annual vaccinations and commercial pet foods as the major contributory cause in the rising rates of chronic illness in pets today. Remember the recent dog and cat food recall that killed numerous pets? We need to protect what goes inside their bodies.
Now it’s time to help our pets live a healthier lifestyle naturally!

Physical ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, cystitis, kidney and liver disease, skin disorders, obesity, thyroid dysfunction and other problems are becoming more and more common in domesticated animals. This has led many veterinarians to search for alternatives and to espouse more holistic methods of keeping our pets healthy.

I can attest to these products. For instance, my Dalmatian had reoccurring roundworms and we wanted to stop giving our dog so many chemicals for this problem. We purchased Parasite Dr. capsules from PetAlive and within 2 months we had restored his digestive health and saved mounds of money.

All PetAlive products are created with 100% natural remedies and are economical to the consumer. Care for your pets and keep them alive!

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