Saturday, May 19, 2007

Natural Gardening Tips

There are natural ways to keep your garden looking green and healthy. Maintaining your garden by lightly saturating it daily with water and using your compost soil will dramatically perk up the growth in your plants. The premium time to water your garden is in the early morning, so rise and shine! And for all those who can’t stand reeling in the hose, here is something for you. This product is the best and revolutionary for the gardener! It’s called the NO-CRANK™ hose.

The NO-CRANK™ hose reels are the only brand to offer hands-free rewinding functionality. NO batteries, nor electricity or springs! It’s available in many designs and can stand free or is mounted to a wall. The NO-CRANK™ hose reduces one of the most stressful parts of maintaining your lawn and garden. The power of water pressure rewinds the hose so you don’t have to! A must have for those who use their hose frequently. Check out the 30-second demo of the NO-CRANK™ hose reel.

Self Rewinding Hose Reels

Here are some extra natural garden tips

*Mulch your flower beds and trees because it conserves water, adds humus and nutrients and discourages weed growth
*Plant trees, for they add value as they grow by saving energy and money. Trees will shade your home in the summer and let the sun shine in for warmth during the winter.
*The best compost is made up from leaves, kitchen waste and grass clippings. It also improves soil structure, texture and it’s water-holding capacity.
*Think biodiversity when planting. Using many different kinds of plants encourages many different kinds of beneficial insects to take up residence in your yard.
*If you got weeds kill them naturally by spraying full strength household vinegar at those nasty weeds on a sunny day.
*Plant a circle of sunflower seeds around your compost pile. Soon your compost pile will be hidden with beautiful healthy sunflowers.
*Did you know that the soil ph determines the flower color in garden hydrangeas? In acid soil, pink and red garden hydrangeas turn blue or purple. In alkaline soil blue hydrangeas turn pink.
*Don’t throw out old milk, just add water to fill carton and pour on your rose bushes base, they love and thrive on the diluted milk.

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