Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cleanse that Colon

Toxins are the only cause of preventable diseases. Accumulated toxins (e.g. excessive fecal matter in the large intestine) create conditions for germs to breed and permit blood to get poisoned. You can combat this by cleansing your colon and eating healthy. Correcting the fiber shortage in one's diet will help one to achieve normal bowel movements. For the bowels to work properly, a lifelong daily intake of 25-30 grams, or about one ounce of dietary fiber every day is required. Prevention is the key!
Here are some great fiber foods that work the colon naturally
*Dried beans, peas, and other legumes, includes baked beans, kidney beans, split peas, dried limas, garbanzos, pinto beans and black beans.
*Bran cereals
*Dried fruit, topped by figs, apricots and dates
*Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries
*Sweet corn, whether on the cob or cut off in kernels
*Broccoli-very high in fiber!
*Baked potato with the skin (the skin has most of the fiber)
*Plums, pears, and apples
*Raisins and prunes
*Spinach, beet greens, kale, collards, Swiss chard and turnip greens.
Remember; drink plenty of water everyday as well!

Did you know that a clean and flushed colon makes a person feel extremely energetic and positive? Also, the absence of a breeding ground to germs results in a dramatic increase in immunity from any kind of infection. Colon Shield is a great natural product to invest in for your healthy colon.

An unhealthy colon goes far beyond occasional constipation. In fact most folks do not really know what their colon does. Quite simply it is your body's super highway for digesting the food you eat, taking out the nutrients for your body, and disposing of the waste. The digestive system's large intestine (colon) and small intestine are just like the plumbing pipes in your home, which ever so often become backed up. When that happens you go to the store and buy a specialized product to unclog them. Your colon is no different, when it’s clogged it needs special help. Colon Shield is the natural answer.

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